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The beginning of ICPL T-30 Cricket dates back to days when a new thought of a unique and ethical form of this popular sport was always imagined but was a dream. But now as the media and the general public and audience of the sport has come to know the drawbacks of the existing forms.

Mr.Jayakar.Gera is a product of St John’s Cricket coaching foundation in Hyderabad, India. and a Cricket player of repute in the Hyderabad cricketing circle, a regular league player and a great lover of sport and a cricket buff.

The advent of this novel form was a resultant thought process of Jayakar.Gera whose ideas got a room and form and also in general who was keen to bring ethics in to the sport cutting out the previous loopholes, drawbacks and mistakes in the sport. It is with a great effort of research analysis and systematic study that this new form has been brought to the fore before Cricket goes into oblivion through its misgivings in the present system.

Further even for the budding talents to perform and the existing talents to be retained in its purest form and entertainment of the highest order to be put in to form and play this ICPL T-30 Cricket shall do the rest.



The Cricket all time greatest and the Cricketing legends, we shall always pay a tribute and start the new format for the success and continuance of best of the play in sport that is put into practice by I C P L T-30 CRICKET.



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