Chairman’s Message

Dear friends,

Cricket has metamorphosed from a five day leisure sport to a fast paced one-day game and further changed to at its best to entertain like soccer, golf and tennis. The shorter version only made the Cricket more and more phased out. Now the new concept shall introduce absolute entertainment for the sports and enthusiasts

However, as a player, Coach and Cricket administrator I present to you the new format of the sport that shall allow players to blossom and spectators get their due to entertainment. It brings out a better game as it allows more overs for scoring and a better scope for matches. The new format gives maximum opportunity for budding talent and answers many a problems in today’s Cricket.

We propose new changes in the Rules and Regulations of the sport such as fielders and wicket keepers getting credits etc. Players rewarded for their integrity or punished for their mistakes. This would lead to an optimum output and better performance and further reduce unethical practices in the sport .The aims are to lessen the pressure on the players and bring to the fore, fair and just play in the game.



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