Welcome to the new dimension of cricket a splendid introduction to this innovative format in the right manner, ICPL T-30 CRICKET is a platform for players from various countries to participate in the field of cricket.

ICPL is going to be truly international enhancing the popularity and the joy of the sport. This proposal endeavors to explain the basics and the structure of this new version of the game. Although there are many existing formats and rules of the game it is still well worth the time to improvise on it in a methodical manner and arrive at the underlying problems of Cricket in the 20th Century and find solutions for them. It’s an aspiration and goal to change the way club, national and international cricket will be played in the future.

Cricket had to go through a change that was much needed to bring out the best in the players and raise the sport to a higher plateau and move forward. The sport itself has reached dizzier heights as it is seen after the advent of the IPL T-20 etc… and the great performances by national and international players



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